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Ultimate Skateboarding Online Store

Being a skateboarder means that you should have a proper skateboarding gear. However, retail shops offer the branded skateboarding gear very costly and it is very difficult to buy them. It is to help the skateboarders across the world to have branded gear and enjoy the ultimate sport of skateboarding.



Ground, ProTec, Rockstar, Oakley, Fallen, Emerica and DC are some of the brands that we store on our online store. From aggressive inline skates, complete DIY and assembled scooters to printed decks and apparel and accessories, at Skates we have something at every skateboarder needs and that too in reasonable price and premium quality. Are you ready to make your name in the world of Skateboarding?

Visit and go through our ultimate collection and buy skates that are perfect for you. Contact us at; Phone: 1 (800) 793-0503.



About Skate Board USA

Buy premium quality skateboards and skateboarding accessories from premier skateboard shop in USA, Skates USA. Take advantage of best deals at Skates USA today!

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