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Christmas Gift for your Dad from our Skateboarding Shop

Christmas is coming up and it’s already December, which means the occasion and time to buy your beloved old Dad a splendid gift is right now. Being a lover of skateboarding, we are pretty sure that this love of yours comes from him too and since the love for skateboarding is rooted in your DNA, odds are that your Dad also enjoys the skate life, too. Maybe you learned your first tricks from him or he almost certainly bought you your first skateboard. Nevertheless, it is time for you to return the favor and reveal him how important he is to you—in an entirely hip and not-too- over-sentimental way, of course. After all, we are the skateboarders.

To help you maintain that balance, we’ve selected a few of the best Christmas Day gifts from Skates USA’s online skateboarding shop. Order now and you’ll have abundance of time to gift wrap up and create a card out of dried macaroni and sparkle.

Here are a few of our choices:



Every dad needs a wallet, and this one is remarkable. Made from premium quality leather and spacious enough to hold everything he needs, it’s a sensible gift that still looks trendy. Plus, every time you ask for money loan, he’ll be reminded of your care and will be expected to say yes. It’s a win-win situation!!!



This Rockstar hat looks amazing and is a great way for Dad to boast about his adoration for skateboarding. It’s also a perfect method to conceal any bald spots, but you might not want to tell him that when you give it to him.



Just because your Dad is a grown-up does not mean he has to dress like one. Instead of another boring tie, why not get him an awesome skater shirt? This long sleeve flannel button up from Volcom is the perfect balance between responsible grown up and cool dude. Give your Dad a shirt as awesome as he is, and he’ll feel like the luckiest father alive.

From Skates USA to you and your Dad: Have a fabulous Christmas!!! We hope this gift guide helps you have the best one yet.


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